Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

We continually try to minimise our impact on the environment and the community around us;

Plastic Free

We are currently working towards our Plastic Free status.


All of our spirits are from reusable bottles to minimise waste.


We are using Devon and Cornwall Waste collection – Zero to Landfield. We separate food waste, cardboard, plastic, glass, and cans. We pretty much stopped using plastic – where possible we are using glass or cans. This year we are reducing even more using more cans than glass. Cans can be recycled up to eight times unlike glass only once. We acknowledge that transporting glass products is costly and negatively affects the environment.

We are using local suppliers where possible.

We take part and encourage others to get involved in local beach cleans.


We are actively finding ways to reduce our energy consumption and are in the process of moving to 100% renewable energy.

Net Zero
Trash Free

What our customers have to say

The Surf Bear Bar have a QR code at all tables which takes you straight to their menu, where you can pay online and within a minute or two of your order is at the table.

Really enjoyed our trip to Sennen and popped into the Surf Beach Bar, was greeted at the door and shown to a table with a stunning view of the cove. It was quick and easy to order using their website rather than queuing at the bar and our food was brought to us very quickly, would highly recommend.

Food came out very quickly. Ordered and paid on the website which was great. I had a pizza and we also have some juice and coffees. Beautiful view of Sennen Cove.

As an elderly couple we are still concerned about the virus so it was perfect that we could order at the table on our phone. We were not pressured into ordering quickly which allowed us time to choose what we wanted, and the food arrived within 10 minutes.

We don’t take bookings

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